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The Kindness Queen

The Kindness Queen

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Publication Date: November 13th, 2023
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In "The Kindness Queen," we meet Brooklynn, a bright second-grader with an extraordinary gift - the gift of kindness. This enchanting story follows Brooklynn as she embarks on a day filled with delightful adventures in her mission to spread kindness far and wide.

Brooklynn's world is a magical place where the simplest acts of kindness create ripples of joy. She's the girl who smiles at strangers on the street, lends a helping hand to her friends in need, and always plays fair at softball games. Everyone around her, from her mom to her teachers, affectionately calls her "The Kindness Queen."

But the real question is: How much kindness can this queen fit into one day?

Discover the answers to this heartwarming question as you follow Brooklynn's adventures in "The Kindness Queen." This delightful story not only captivates young readers but also imparts essential life lessons about empathy, compassion, and the power of simple acts of kindness.