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True and the Rainbow Kingdom: The Super Sticky Rescue

True and the Rainbow Kingdom: The Super Sticky Rescue

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Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
Crackboom! Books
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True saves her friend Bartleby

Bartleby wasn't supposed to play with Zee's Zingy Zapper, but he couldn't resist. Now everything he touches clings to him How will True get him out of this very sticky situation? Based on the top-rated animated series.

Vibrant illustrations to keep your child engaged;
Teaches the values of cooperation, compassion, kindness and friendship;
Teaches mindfulness, determination and thinking.

About True and the Rainbow Kingdom:
True is a fearless eight-year-old who helps the whimsical citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom alongside her best friend, Bartleby the Cat. When something goes awry in the Kingdom, True is the only one with the ability to wake the powers of the Magical Wishes of the Wishing Tree. True works to solve the problems in the Rainbow Kingdom, so she can keep the citizens safe and empower those around her with imagination, empathy, and mindfulness.