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If Animals Built Your House

If Animals Built Your House

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Dawn Publications
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Explore animal habitats how they engineer their homes in this beautifully illustrated STEM book for kids. Filled with imaginative questions, animal facts, and educational backmatter, If Animals Built Your House is perfect for your elementary classroom or family library.

If animals built your house, would you live in it? This unique story alternatives between the narrator telling the reader what kind of house you would live in if an animal built it, and some fun facts about each! Perfect for teachers looking for STEM/STEAM books for kids 5-7, and books that highlight engineering for kids, innovation, and how things work for kids.

If a tree squirrel built your house, no one could ever sneak up on you.

Your house might look like just a jumble of leaves, but it's really a tightly woven, waterproof ball. No hard walls here—this furry builder used its body like a rolling pin to make a soft, cozy room. Just watch out for that first step out your front door!

Animals featured include squirrels, termites, grouper, honeybees, chimpanzees, tree frogs, polar bears, and more!

Backmatter Includes:

  • Explore More for Kids: photos of all of the animals in the book, what their homes look like, and why they build them
  • Explore More for Teachers & Parents: read-aloud suggestions, a STEAM design challenge, and more!

Praise for If Animals Built Your House

"Small details delight, from the amusing mailboxes to the visual clues pointing to previous and future species. Readers will surely pay closer attention on nature walks." — Kirkus Reviews

"This book is great for younger, reluctant readers, or as a read aloud to introduce habitat science unit." — Youth Services Book Review

"Highly recommended for families who spend lots of time outdoors, as well as school libraries. Lots of great info in the back add to your engagement with the book." — The Reading Tub